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What is the assurance assessment toolkit?

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The APM Assurance SIG have released their latest white paper which is an update to the original paper presented at the 2011 Knowledgeshare conference. It has been enhanced by the significant and very helpful feedback from members of APM.

It is intended as a reference for assurance practitioners to help them provide a measure of their confidence in the potential for a project (or programme or portfolio) to succeed. While assisting assurance practitioners to be thorough when performing assurance, we rely on their professionalism to adapt this guide to the circumstances of a project to be assured.

The assurance assessment toolkit provides a common generic basis for the assessment of portfolios, programmes and projects (hereafter generally referred to as projects) of all sizes, in all sectors, at any project lifecycle phase and at all levels in the supply chain.The toolkit can also be successfully applied to sub projects or work packages in a project.

It can be used by independent assurance providers or project teams both for self-assessment of their projects or as a checklist to support the development of their approach to managing and assuring the project.

This guide provides an overview of the toolkit and guidance for its use

This paper represents the thoughts of the group and not necessarily the views of APM. It is intended to stimulate discussion on this subject and feedback on the contents of the paper should be sent to the Assurance SIG.

Download the white paper

Download the assessment matrix



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