Who's going to ruin my day?

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The Norwich Group was treated to a thought provoking talk by John Zachar as he once again asked his famous question "Who's going to ruin my day?"

John's presentation took us back to the basics of project management as we explored the power and interest of project stakeholders - and identified those that you would be very unwise to underestimate or ignore! John reiterated the role of the Sponsor and gave us some useful tips for keeping them engaged and on their toes as well as reviewing some familiar, but often overlooked, Boston Boxes. He posed a number of interesting questions around the usage of project deliverables and the role of the PMO as well as reminding us that people's roles and belief structures can also affect how they behave as stakeholders. By identifying stakeholders early in the project set up and then revisiting the stakeholder map regularly, antagonists and supporter can both be identified and managed. The importance of getting to know your stakeholder and their likes and dislikes is more important than you think and can impact the outcome of your project, no matter how hard you work to make it a success!

There is now a competition going on amongst attendees as to who can incorporate the phrase "slower than molasses in winter" into their project conversations. Want to know why? Check out John's slides or book him to come and speak to your group!

Lynn Newman
Norwich Group Co-ordinator

Posted on 30th Sep 2013
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