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Posted by APM on 20th May 2016

Project managers are frequently key members of proposal teams, perhaps even leading the work winning effort. Yet little in a project manager’s professional development prepares them for the demands of the proposal environment: shifting requirements, the uncertainties of competition, a no-slip schedule, a perfect deliverable and single standard of performance: win or lose.

On Thursday 19th May in Golborne, David Warley gave an interactive, workshop-style event, showing how familiar project management disciplines can be applied to manage the work winning process. Participants learnt some of the techniques and terminology used by their colleagues in sales and business development support.

The content gave delegates a survival tool kit to help them identify and avoid some of the pit-falls of proposal work enabling them to work more effectively as part of a pre-sales team.

Organisations that implement the ideas presented have the ability to increase business development capacity and improve the quality of won business. Individuals learnt new techniques to broaden their career opportunities and make a larger contribution in their organisations.

Bids are Projects:

  • the business development and project lifecycles compared
  • lagging, emerging and integrated project characteristics
  • the critical impact of starting early, and what to do if you can’t

Project organisation and governance:

  • the PM’s place in the bid team
  • managing the different business interests
  • managing SMEs and partners

Customers, competitors and win strategy:

  • sales voodoo and qualification
  • customer and competitor analysis
  • developing and communicating strategy

Surviving the proposal phase:

  • compliance, responsiveness and ease of evaluation
  • getting SMEs to ATFQ
  • managing time, cost and quality

Learning from experience:

  • internal and external de-brief
  • implementing lessons learned
  • learning from others


David has very kindly allow his material used during the presentation to be made available for viewing.


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