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The back issues of the APM PMO SIG newsletters are available for viewing on this page.
The nominations for the PMO SIG committee has now closed and a list can be found on the attached document of the volunteers and their reason for wishing to join the 2016/17 PMO SIG committee.
Simon George, PMO SIG Committee Member, shares his experiences at his first Volunteers Forum last March in Cambridge.
On 17th March 2016 the APM Presents event was held at the Radcliffe Hotel in the environs of Warwick University (Coventry). 13 APM Specific Interest Groups held 3 sessions each (either ½ or 1 hour in duration). The general consensus seemed to be, from a straw poll, that the event was a great success for both the attendees and the APM representatives.
We deal with 400,000 words per day – no wonder we sometimes don’t feel like we get anything done!!
Welcome to the latest edition of the APM PMO SIG Newsletter and the first of 2016! In this quarterly issue you can find out about what have we been up to, including a preview of our 2016 plans, upcoming events, and all the latest news from around the industry.
A definition of a Project Management Office (PMO) is ‘a group or department within a business, agency or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organisation. The PMO strives to standardise and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects.
Download the latest report from Wellingtone Project Management and APM PMO SIG.
APM Presents … Project Management in Practice 2016 will take place on Thursday 17th March in Coventry. The sessions are presented by 13 of our APM Specific Interest Groups and this years speaker biography list is provided here. Delegates will be able to attend 6 during the course of the day, in small groups so that you will have lots of opportunity to ask questions and learn from our specialist practitioners. Each SIG will be run its session 3 times during the course of the day.