Online groups policy

The APM online community provides the opportunity to network, share good practice and develop your career. The Groups section within The Community is the space where groups of like minded people can meet and share ideas. The value and success of these groups is dictated your participation, so why not get involved, or even set up your own.

Branches and Specific Interest Groups
Each branch and Specific Interest Group has a dedicated group containing news, polls, events, discussions, and functions to create content pages. These groups maintain a permanent presence and carry the appropriate APM logo. They are listed separately in The Groups section and characterised by their APM funded offline activities e.g. their events programme. A specially created avatar is available for its committee members to signify their status.

  • Branch Chapters are listed within the individual branch group and utilising their functionality. Chapters which are particularly active can apply may be set up with their own group functionality.
  • Any registered user can join a SIG or branch group.
  • All users, including committee members, are subject to the House Rules.
  • Individual groups may develop their own user conventions; however users can be removed or sanctioned in the event that they break the House Rules.
  • Unregistered users will not have access to the groups.

Setting up an online group
Additional Groups can be set up at the discretion of APM HQ e.g. Chapters, Accredited Providers, Corporate Members, Academic Communities, international branches, sector or subject specific groups.

  • Any APM member can apply to set up a group.
  • Groups will set up on the basis that:
    • The request includes a list of at least five named group participants
    • Its title does not overlap with any existing group¬†
    • Its purpose will not break the House Rules
    • It has a permanent or time limited status
    • It remains active
  • APM HQ will retain the right to remove groups on the basis that they are underused, or bringing the association into disrepute.

To find out more about setting up a group, contact

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