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With the planet facing the key issues of climate change and biodiversity loss, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) is embarking on the £70m, 7-year Edinburgh Biomes programme. The programme will help to preserve and protect Scotland’s national plant collection (13,500 living species and 3.1 million preserved specimens), reduce the carbon footprint, and future-proof the international status of RBGE in science, education, horticulture, and conservation.

This is a multi-faceted programme that includes a new low-carbon emission energy centre, a centre for plant disease control, refurbishment of A-listed Victorian glasshouses, refurbishment of the modernist 1960s glasshouse, a brand-new iconic glasshouse, new research facilities, visitor facilities, and a new education centre.

This session will cover the complexity and phasing of the different programme components. It will also cover challenges that are specific to Edinburgh Biomes – including the state-of-the-art technology required for the new glasshouse and the need to maintain access to the garden for almost 1 million visitors per year. Perhaps, most importantly, how do you keep alive the 34,000 scientifically important, climatically-sensitive, individual plants that are in the glasshouses whilst all of this is going on?

About David

Managing Director, Projecting

David is the Managing Director of the project management firm Projecting which specialises in financial services projects and has offices in Edinburgh, London, and Madrid. He started the company in 2013 after 14 years in project management in various project, programme, and head of project roles. However, with a degree and a PhD in botany, he is also one of the trustees of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, a non-departmental public body and home to Scotland’s national collection of plant species and specimens.

He is one of two trustees that sit on the programme board for the £70m Edinburgh Biomes project. David has been involved with the Association for Project Management for several years, including organising Scottish conferences in the past, as well as running project management seminars and writing articles within his sector. He is also a board member, and former chair, of the Scottish youth homelessness charity The Rock Trust.

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