Mark Vincent

Managing Director, Applied Change Ltd

Mark has been involved with business change for over 25 years. A common thread throughout that time has been his work in the music and publishing sector, supporting the major music labels (EMI, Warner Music and Universal) and others through a period of major upheaval.

Mark’s keen interest in human behaviour in fast paced change situations stemmed from the reactions of many of his peers and clients at the time. The common approach was to resist at all costs until it was too late. He became increasingly curious as to why we all tend to resist change in some circumstances whilst embracing it in others.

He co-founded Applied Change with a clear purpose to push the thinking on change and human behaviour whilst also helping his clients to get changes done, often in highly complex and political situations. Most recently he’s been working closely with the University of the West of England (UWE) Psychological Sciences Research Group to develop simple, practical models and tools that re-orientate our approach to business change, starting from the human perspective.


Have you noticed how the more you push people the more they resist? 

Have you also noticed just how creative we can all be in resisting something we don’t really want? 

In business it’s no different. People resist change for all kinds of reasons and that slows the pace, adds cost and leads to lacklustre outcomes. In an era of increasingly rapid, externally driven change it can spell disaster for any organisation. The past 20 years alone have forced a previously unprecedented level of business change driven by digital/online, globalisation and other factors. For many organisations and sectors, this period has challenged the very core of their value proposition, causing them to literally re-invent themselves. And it doesn’t stop here. The need to question, re-invent and adapt at lightning speed is becoming ever more critical to staying relevant, regardless of sector. Robotics and AI alone have the potential to turn whole industries upside down. Common approaches to business change often miss a key ingredient, resulting in high levels of change resistance. This slows the pace significantly and increases the levels of stress to everyone involved, a luxury no business can afford.

This session will explore why we tend to resist change (despite all humans being incredibly adaptable by nature) and gives practical advice on how to increase momentum by:

1. Identifying the typical sources of change resistance;

2. Understanding the strategies that can be used to mitigate it; and 

3. Understanding how to unleash the natural creativity that exists in all of us

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