Vijay Luthra

Vijay came to project management through an earlier career in the challenging arena of the live music and events industry. Wishing to apply his skills in less noisy, more predictable environments, Vijay moved into operations and project management roles with the Mayor of London’s administration delivering a range of initiatives from the 2007 and 2008 Red Bull Air Races to organisation restructures to CRM deployments; graduating to leading visitor welcome initiatives for London 2012.

Since 2012, Vijay has been a consultant across a range of sectors from financial services, consumer and manufacturing to government. More recently at PwC and now PA; Vijay has specialised in helping organisations with their strategic execution challenges – two thirds of strategies fail in execution. Vijay’s current focus is on diversity and inclusion and the importance of this to innovation in a VUCA world. Where organisations are increasingly turning to projects as a mechanism to disrupt or manage disruption; having diverse experiences and views in project teams is an important driver of success. Vijay will be speaking on the importance of diversity to the project economy and dealing with disruption.

Outside work, Vijay is an advocate of organ donation; having been the lucky recipient of a cadaveric kidney transplant in 2006. Vijay is also a recovering politician and has been using the advocacy skills he developed as a local councillor on behalf of the project profession to encourage greater diversity and emphasise the growing importance of the profession in a world shifting to a project and network based economy.

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