Ewelina Kruk CHPP

Capital programme manager 

Ewelina Kruk ChPP, passionate advocate of best practices, progressive project thinking, diversity in all aspects of project delivery.  

Her career in project management and construction began in 2013 and within 7 years Ewelina has grown from an Assistant Project Manager to a Chartered Programme Manager delivering increasingly complex and geographically disbursed schemes. Her personal mission is focusing on challenging the norm and the status Quo taking a closer look on how projects are being delivered in all their aspects.  

Ewelina has first-hand experience of being a newcomer in a technically driven industry where she questioned common models always looking to provoke difficult conversations in order to embrace new ways of thinking.  Now keen to continue the conversation on a wider forum so that the insights and learnings from her own and others journeys can support all inspired managers wanting to make a difference.   

Synopsis - Lessons learned 

There’s always more to be learned about how to use lessons learned! In this group discussion, delegates are invited to join Ewelina to talk about lessons learned models that have provided real ongoing benefits to projects and organisations. This is a valuable opportunity to share ideas and develop your knowledge in this area. Everyone is welcome.  

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