James Silk

Head of Q-Works solutions delivery at QinetiQ

James has been in project management for around 15 years, initially in electronic security delivering installations in Libya and heading up multiple complex agile security integrations in the City of London. 

He then became involved with agile product development, bringing new products to the security industry for customers such as London Underground, Network Rail and Marks and Spencer. 

After seeking a new challenge James ended up working in the defence sector, delivering some unique and classified programmes where he has been for 7 years now; most recently at QinetiQ as Head of Q-Works Solutions, bringing agile product development to QinetiQ. 

Synopsis - Myth busting: Understanding and applying agile ways of working 

Have you ever heard these things said about agile? 

  • It’s new and controversial 
  • It’s only for software development  
  • It’s complex and hard to understand 
  • It’s the solution to all of our problems  
  • Our whole company should be agile 

Through the course of my presentation and Q and A sessions James will discuss these myths by covering: 

  • What is Agile? 
  • What is scrum and how does it work? 
  • What is a sprint? 
  • How do scrum roles work with traditional project roles? 
  • When you shouldn’t use agile 
  • Key differences between waterfall and agile 

So please join James if you are curious to know more about this interesting and engaging area of project management. 

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