Project professionals

  • Build an adaptive mindset. In a VUCA world, you need to be ready to shape change, and to continually evolve and grow – personally and in what you deliver through your work. Develop ‘meta competencies’ – the over-arching skills that are separate from, but supportive of, the specific skills needed to do the job. These include the ability to continually learn, to adapt, being resilient, and anticipating and creating change.
  • For many professionals, CPD and learning should focus on two key areas of skills which are expected to be critical in the next 5-10 years:
    • New technology. Develop your understanding of, and ability to use, new technology; both to increase effectiveness and productivity in how you work, and in how technology can help meet client and end-user needs.
    • Leadership and people skills. In a complex world, interactions with others are critical: project professionals need to go beyond classic technical project management skills and build the ability to engage with, and provide leadership to, varied project stakeholders.
  • Step up to lead. Project professionals who aspire to lead projects need to have curiosity, be prepared to think imaginatively, and develop ‘out of the box’ thinking. Building on their unique core expertise and technical skills, project professionals should develop a broader perspective on project and organisational aims, and how they can be achieved. Shape strategy not just delivery. Developing and leading more diverse teams will be crucial in the future, as will communication skills.
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