10 key features - APM Project Professional Qualification (PPQ)

  • It’s a developmental, examination-based qualifi cation that sits on the route to becoming an APM Registered Project Professional (RPP)
  • It’s targeted/relevant to project professionals who typically have three to
    five years project experience
  • It is based on the APM Competence Framework 2nd edition
  • The examination papers are scenario based and last three hours each. Candidates get 30 minutes to read and digest the scenario before the examination starts. Each examination is made up of four questions worth a total of 25 marks each
  • It tests not just knowledge but the candidates’ application of that knowledge, and answers should utilise material from the candidates’ own readings and/or experiences applied to the scenario
  • Candidates need to pass four modules – three core and one elective to achieve the full qualifi cation, and they can sit these in any order
  • There are three core modules, which all candidates need to sit:
    a. Professionalism and managing others
    b. Planning and control
    c. Governance
    And three elective modules:
    a. Project management
    b. Programme management
    c. Portfolio management
  • Successful candidates receive a Record of Achievement on completion of each individual module, and their full qualifi cation Certifi cate on passing all four modules. Candidates have three years to complete the required modules
  • Achieving the qualifi cation entitles candidate to become a Full member of APM (MAPM)

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