Re-certification for IPMA Levels A, B and C

IPMA certificates for Levels A, B and C are valid for five years from the date of achievement. It is your responsibility, as the certificate holder, to monitor the expiry date of your certificate and to initiate the re-certification process – you will not be reminded to do this by APM. (IPMA certificates at Level D are not time-limited)

Before applying for re-certification, you may wish to consider whether a higher level of certification is now better suited to your career development and experience.  In that case, you should apply in accordance with the regulations for the relevant certificate.

If you wish to re-certificate for Levels A, B or C, you need to complete the application form and supply the following information and evidence:

  • Confirmation of the date and level of original certification
  • Confirmation that you continue to work in a project management role relevant to the level of re-certification for which you are applying for at least 50% of the time.
  • Your current CV
  • The CV must contain sufficient information to show clearly career pattern and project management experience since the original certification. It should be a comprehensive record of how the candidate has reached this stage in their project management career.
  • A list of projects/programmes/portfolios, on which you have worked in the years since your last certification.
  • Applicants are to provide a detailed summary of any projects, programmes or portfolios they have managed or been involved in since the original re-certification to meet IPMA regulations. Sufficient detail needs to be provided by the applicant to enable the assessors to assess suitability of the IPMA level being applied for;
  • Deliverables, duration, phases, budgets, interested parties, management, complexity of the project role, responsibility, extent of engagement of the applicant.
  • Evidence you have worked in a project management role, relevant to the level of re-certification for which you are applying, for at least 50% of the time.
  • A record of the continuing professional development (CPD) undertaken, in line with the APM CPD scheme requirements; a minimum of 35 hours per year since the original certification.
  • Self- assessment, using the form provided below.
  • Contact details of 2 referees.
  • The relevant fee.

Applications for re-certification will be considered by a suitably qualified assessor at the relevant level. The assessor may decide to recommend:

  • recertification without the provision of any further information,
  •  that you be called to interview with two assessors,
  • rejection of  your application (if the evidence you supply is insufficient or inappropriate).

The initial fee for re-certification is £155 plus VAT plus the IPMA fee. This is non-refundable. If the assessor determines you need to be called for interview, there will be an additional fee of £595 plus VAT.

Re-certification application form
IPMA Level C Self-Assessment Form
IPMA Level B Self-Assessment Form

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