Learning Legacy Event Series

APM was chosen as an official Learning Legacy dissemination partner by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA). APM officially shared the lessons learned from the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Games around the theme of programme organisation and project management through a series of events in 2012.

Catch up on all the Learning Legacy events by reading the follow-up article, watching video interviews with the speakers, listening to a podcast of the event and downloading the presentation slides.

Dennis HoneLearning legacy launch debate: Lessons learned on the construction of the Olympic Park
Event date: Monday 23rd January 2012
This first event described the overall task of the ODA; the role of the Delivery Partner CLM; the principle challenges faced to deliver the venues and infrastructure; and the results that have been achieved.
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Learning LegacyBringing an Olympic nation together: context, governance and setting up the programme 
Event date: Wednesday 29th February 2012
The second of APMs learning legacy events focussed on establishing the programme governance, the appointment of CLM as the Delivery Partner and the procurement challenge.
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APM Learning LegacyGreatest show on earth - delivering the Olympic Park
Event date: Wednesday 28th March 2012
This event focused on how to contract for and manage a programme of the size and complexity of the Olympic Park.
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Learning Legacy April

The world in our hands: providing assurance to the London 2012 ODA construction programme
Event date: Wednesday 25th April 2012
The fourth event in the series discussed the programme assurance framework; how risk was identified and managed; how progress was monitored and reported; and how quality assurance was provided across the programme.
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Learning Legacy MayDelivering the Olympics legacy through the construction programme
Event date: Wednesday 30th May 2012
The fifth and final APM learning legacy event covered how the ODA defined its Priority Themes across the programme, and focused on sustainability to demonstrate how the strategic objectives of the themes were delivered through the construction programme.
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Bonus event: in addition to the official Learning Legacy dissemination programme APM London branch held a lessons learned event with the BBC

Jamie from BBC L2012How the BBC successfully produced and broadcast the Olympics
Event date: Thursday 27th September 2012
Following on from the hugely successful Learning Legacy event series, the APM London branch invited the BBC to share how they delivered the multi-platform coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
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