Richard Corderoy

Managing director, The Oakland Group

Richard Corderoy is managing director of The Oakland Group, a data and analytics business that helps organisations find the true value in their data by bringing together analytics, process and governance. His clients include Network Rail, Yorkshire Water, UKPN, World Pay, TFL and npower. Richard is a passionate technologist who is both a sceptic and an optimist with a strong belief in data having the potential to build a better world. Prior to The Oakland Group Richard began his early career with the Royal Navy and Lloyds Banking Group in both operational and commercial roles.

Presentation Synopsis - How project analytics can transform your governance and assurance activity

We hear a great deal about how data analytics will revolutionise project performance, enable better cost control, and ultimately improve outcomes. Much less is said about what this means for governance and assurance.

This session will explore how project analytics can help. Transform your reporting and the way you may have traditionally done assurance. Expand the scope of assurance to include data quality as an entity. Open up a whole new world of insights from your data that will help you to build confidence and assure your projects in a completely new way.

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