Jay Armstrong and Sanjay Nithiyanantham

Jay Armstrong, Principal consultant, LogiKal

I believe that projects make lives better. If we can deliver projects better, we all benefit. Planning, Monitoring and Controls is about helping people deliver projects as effectively and efficiently as possible. It acts as an integrator that unites teams and helps us all swim in the right direction. And when we deliver better we all win.
I believe in a ‘Best for Project’ approach and that we can deliver projects better.

Jay has 17 years of experience in major projects working in Australia, Canada and the UK.

Sanjay Nithiyanantham, Senior consultant - project controls, LogiKal

Biography to follow shortly

Presentation Synopsis - Punchcards to power BI - Managing change in the digital age

As the digital age evolves, data science, automation and AI will increasingly disrupt and change the way we deliver projects. As project controls professionals we know that its often not what we do but how we do it that determines our success. How do we harness new and evolving technology to meet the needs of our teams in order to achieve success? How do we adapt the technology into our current processes and our overall process strategy to maximise efficiencies?
How do we better engage with our teams to trust and go on this digital journey with us to curtail resistance?

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