Deborah Feakins

Deborah Feakins, Founder and director, Marlowe Consulting

Deborah Feakins is the founder and director of specialist business change consultancy Marlowe Consulting. Recognised as an industry leading professional advising public and private sector clients and individual leaders on significant transformation, cultural and organisational change programmes over the past 20 years, Deborah is also proud to be the first Change Management Institute (CMI) Accredited Master Change Manager in the UK/Europe and led the CMI in the UK for three years.

Presentation Synopsis - The change acceleration – what leaders need to know

Historically, leading change as a portfolio/programme or project manager can be challenging and traditionally we have used our experience, knowledge, specialist methodologies and universally recognised processes to deliver change.

We know that operational leaders can often be remote from delivery and even those nominated as ‘sponsors’ dip in and out and maybe attend Programme Boards at best.

The need for change – whether cultural, technological, or transformational - was always on the agenda but the pandemic accelerated all of it. In effect we had no choice BUT to change. In addition, we realised that leaders must be more agile, be more cognisant of generational differences and understand the personal preferences and situations of colleagues. And importantly, wellbeing must also be at the forefront of the employee experience if leaders want to get change done and fully embedded.

How can project managers and leaders adapt to this new culture?

Learning outcomes:

  • Recognising what has changed in the last two years
  • Understanding why employees now have a bigger voice in delivering change successfully
  • The importance of generational and personality differences
  • Acknowledging the new skill sets required for project managers and leaders
  • Bringing the C-suite on the journey.

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