Jonathan Norman

After 30 years as a business publisher, publishing some of the definitive texts on project and programme management, Jonathan Norman developed the Gower Publishing community of practice ‘GPMFirst’ before taking on his current role as manager of the Major Projects Knowledge Hub in 2017, for the Major Projects Association.

The Hub collates and curates insight around major project delivery and organises knowledge sharing activities and events for the community it supports.


Presentation Synopsis

Everyone wants to ‘learn lessons’ to improve from one project to another. How do we turn what is essentially a backward looking and bureaucratic activity through 180 degrees to ‘learn from the future’. Drawing on what we have learned from the QUBE virtual learning environment, in this session we’ll look at how to:

  • harness the power of social learning
  • learn in the moment
  • learn virtually
  • make projects collaborative, learning environments
  • explain the role of the knowledge broker and the importance of ‘pull’ learning
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