Neil White

Neil is a Change Management specialist with a particular interest in Benefits Management in the context of Project, Programme and Portfolio (P3) driven organisational change environments.

He is convinced of the advantage gained by organisations that incorporate ‘Benefits Realisation Management’ (BRM) within their Change Management capabilities.

Neil has worked for many years in the Aerospace & Defence, Transport and Public industry sectors and is keen to use his knowledge and experience to enable organisations to succeed in achieving their desired change outcomes. Neil has a Master of Science Degree in Change Management, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Computer science. Neil is a past Chair of the APM Benefits & Value SIG and a current committee member.

His work has been published in the Association for Project Management (APM) Magazine and he has delivered many presentations at APM’s branch and SIG events and at a number of international project management conferences.

Presentation synopsis 

In this session, designed to demonstrate why benefits management is key to successful organisational change, Neil will:


  • Refresh attendee’s benefits management knowledge - ensuring we’re all on the same page
  • Outline the change and stakeholder management dividend that benefits management enables
  • Describe why an overarching organisational change strategy should be established and maintained throughout the life of a change initiative
  • Explain why retaining a clear focus on solving real-world problems is important - whether it’s the original problem, or new challenges that inevitably emerge during delivery
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