Richard Gelder

Richard is the Highway Services Manager for Bradford Council with responsibility for Highway Design, Highway Maintenance, Street Lighting, Traffic Signal, Traffic Engineering, Network Resilience & Management and CCTV departments as well as the Council’s Highways DLO. He has 30 years’ experience in the delivery of highway infrastructure both at Bradford Council and previously at Kirklees MDC working in a variety of roles. 

With Richard’s responsibility for the delivery of an increasing capital programme of works his recent work priority has concentrated on strengthening the Council’s ability to effectively manage delivery of its aspirations for transport improvements in the face of austerity in the public sector.

By developing a strategic delivery partner mechanism Richard has brought improved project management, governance and oversight capacity from the private sector into the Council both to complement and transfer skills to Council staff.  Before moving to the highways sector Richard trained as an apprentice mechanical engineer working where he was first introduced to civil engineering through working on spoil conveyors used in the construction of the Channel Tunnel.

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