David Pearce 

David Pearce leads the Europe Project Management Team in the Environment and Infrastructure Business of wood.
David is chartered construction professional with over 20 years experience. He started as an architect leading large complex construction projects in Healthcare & Defence, before moving into Project Management on Nuclear and Power projects. He has been leading large departments and companies for Capita and M+W for over 10 years.
Additionally, he has a research interest in how Knowledge and Information moves through projects, and talks widely on this subject to academic and professional audiences. He has been a teaching fellow at the University of Bath for over 10 years in the Faculty of Engineering and the School of Management.

Presentation title: Knowledge and information within programmes
Synopsis: Understanding the context – loads of people in loads of different places, and potentially employers
Defining terms, where sharing happens
Why sharing is of value – where the knowledge sits
Understanding why sharing can be difficult – time, control
The stages of sharing, understanding how it can go wrong
Types of sharing
Bringing it all together – whistle stop tour through the tools that are available

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