Dr Jim Dale

Dr Jim Dale has forged strong links with the APM where he undertakes numerous roles as an RPP assessor, accreditation assessor, IPMA verifier and chief examiner for their Practitioner Qualification (PQ). He is a longstanding committee member of their Programme Management Specific Interest Group Management Group, having performed the role of secretary for 5 years.
Jim has undertaken several high-profile project management roles, the most significant being as the programme manager for Forensics21, a broad ranging major change initiative focused on creating a forensic service fit for the 21st century. Jim is a former police officer having performed a variety of operational change, investigative and operational roles in London and the South East. He was a highly acclaimed divisional commander, the head of operations for Sussex Police and a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers research and development group.
Jim has completed several project health checks / reviews and for ten years acted as a high-risk gateway review team leader for the UK’s Government’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority.
Jim has a professional doctorate in organisational change management from the University of Portsmouth and an MBA with distinction from a CASS Business School. In addition to being a fellow of the APM, Jim is an NLP practitioner and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD).

Presentation title: Organisational change theory and practice: A cocktail of myths, fallacies and contradictions
Synopsis: Jim will discuss doctoral research undertaken from 2010 – 2016 that involved an in-depth review of the utility of existing change management theory. The findings are hard hitting and raise doubt about the suitability of current approaches commonly used to deliver organisational change. Jim’s research also questions commonly reported headline failure rates of sixty – eighty percent. Similarly, he explains why the terms ‘success’ and ‘failure’ are too polarised and act as inhibitors to learning.

Jim will develop the lexicon of change management discussing terms such as:
• The hypocrisy of change management
• The knowing and doing gap
• The lazy narrative
• Change management hubris
• Change hyperbole
• The irrational seduction of collaboration
• Change machismo
• Change stamina
• Change courage
• Change myopia
• Change language and the ‘lazy narrative’. Moving from ‘burning platforms’ to ‘golden horizons’.

The harsh reality is that many organisational change initiatives achieve a sub-optimal outcome leaving many disaffected, frustrated and disillusioned.

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