Rod Sowden

Rod Sowden is the managing director of Aspire Europe and is an experienced programme management registered consultant with a number of successful consulting and delivery assignments behind him that have left organisations with sustainable change.
Rod has been a pioneer of Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®), having been involved since the launch in 1999 he was appointed lead author by the OGC for the 2007 version and 2011 refresh. He is also the Cabinet Office P3M3 lead author.
Rod as subsequently written Survival Guides for the business change managers, senior responsible owners and programme managers as well as having numerous articles published in his expert field.

Presentation title: High performing organisations
Synopsis: P3M3 is now 10 years older and has become the de facto method for assessment organisational capability. During that time several hundred organisations have been reviewed and in many cases we have seen their maturity improve along with their project and programme delivery performance.
Aspire Europe have been involved with a large proportion of the reviews over the last 10 years and compiled a database of results that enables comparison and analysis. As we have monitored organisations that are achieving the higher levels of maturity, we have noted a number of common characteristics in the emerging high performing project and programme management organisations that have come as a bit of a surprise.

In this presentation we will share these characteristics which will provide an opportunity to gain an insight for the audience, in addition, we have noted a number of characteristics that are common across to successful public sector programmes, these first came to light in the Thameslink case study published in 2017.

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