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Sword Active Risk

Active Risk Manager (ARM) is the world’s most widely deployed and only truly comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) software package, in use in the globe’s most respected and demanding Construction organizations, projects and supply chains. From managing project and program risk through to strategic enterprise oversight, ARM uniquely delivers an integrated approach to identifying, documenting, mitigating, monitoring and analyzing risks and opportunities in all business functions.


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SharpCloud enables executive management to make better decisions through the presentation of visual relationships across their entire enterprise risk and programme portfolio.

"SharpCloud is a great tool for executives looking for meaningful insight across the business. Here at Network Rail our enterprise risk team has created visually intuitive business risk stories for review with the board.
These SharpCloud stories have allowed us to uncover new insight around the strength of relationships between risks and projects. Without SharpCloud these strategic discussions would be much less productive and less meaningful."

Helen Hunter-Jones, Head of Group Risk.
Network Rail working with Sharpcloud won the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Global Risk Award 2016.


SharpCloud for Enterprise Risk Management Teams
Download our ERM ebook: www.sharpcloud.com/risk-management


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Risk Decisions

We help visionary leaders embrace risk to shape the future. We collaborate with global organisations whatever the stage of their journey. Through our Predict! software, services and experience, we enable them to create risk strategies that positively transform their businesses.

Community is at our heart. It powers the trusted relationships we build with our customers and shapes the one team, one goal spirit that our people share. It also gives us our place in the world, bringing people together. Our teams work across Europe, North America and Asia-Pac to enable risk to support your organisation be the best it can be.


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Barbecana produces software to support project success.  Our Full Monte Schedule Risk Analysis performs Monte Carlo quantitative risk analysis on your Microsoft Project or Primavera P6 project plans directly on the source schedule.  This allows rapid understanding of the impact of uncertainty and more realistic forecasts for the future.  Our software is fast and easy to use and because it works within the context of the source schedule has a very rapid learning curve.


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