Patrick Hoverstadt 

Patrick Hoverstadt has worked as a consultant since 1995 with organisations in both the private and public sector, mainly on strategy, organisational design and change. He specialises in using systems approaches for analysing and designing organisations and in working with very large complex organisations including whole sectors. He has developed methodologies for several difficult business problems:
• Large-scale organisational change
• Strategic risk
• Measuring management performance
• Measuring organisational agility
• Collaborative governance
• Business Strategy

He has worked on many restructuring projects, analysing structural weaknesses, designing appropriate solutions and practical change plans.
Patrick ran an engineering business for 13 years before becoming a consultant and founding Fractal. He has written numerous research papers, is a regular keynote speaker at conferences, has contributed to several books on systems, organisation and management, is the author of “Fractal Organisation” a book on organisation published by Wiley in 2008 and used on seven masters programmes around the world, and is co-author of “Patterns of Strategy” a book on a systemic approach to strategy published by Gower in 2016. He chairs SCiO a group of systems practitioners and is a Visiting Research Fellow at Cranfield School of Management.

Presentation title: Using systems approaches to manage change in complex and turbulent environments
Synopsis: Carrying out change and running successful projects becomes more difficult as the complexity and rate of change in the environment increases. Patrick will show how a range of systems approaches have been developed specifically to address problems of complexity and turbulence and how these can be applied to change projects. He will also give examples of some of the individual systems tools being used for change and how they can be integrated into a comprehensive model that is very different to existing conventional change approaches.

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