Andrew Britton

Andrew Britton has 12 years of experience in operations, delivery and change management. Recently he was head of governance, planning and delivery assurance at IHG where he was responsible for proving assurance and oversight for a portfolio with an annual budget of £90m. Prior to IHG he working within Tesco’s internal consulting team focusing on project delivery before moving on to an operations planning and change selection. Currently he is Head of Enterprise Portfolio Management at the global specialist insurer MS Amlin. At MS Amlin Andrew has established an effective delivery support team and led the planning/change selection process for 2018. Throughout his career he has specialised in establishing delivery teams and implementing simple robust change selection processes, that support businesses alignment to strategic, operational and  commercial outcomes.

Presentation title: Taking and making hard decisions in the Portfolio Office – building the political capital and data set to win those critical decision points
Synopsis: Through a Portfolio focused career of 8 years Andrew has seen a wide range of different Portfolio Styles. He will look to share how Portfolio Management is applied across 4 major organisations – Hertz, Tesco, Intercontinental Hotel Group and MS Amlin, talking about their different environments and approaches, what worked and what didn’t work and, most importantly, how to build the portfolio office’s standing and data set ready to take, make and win those hard decisions that prove your Portfolio Office has teeth and is adding real value to the organisation.

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