Project Assurance – what could it do for you?

What does effective project assurance look like? How to assess whether your assurance programme meets your needs? Who is asssurance aimed at? What value does assurance add?

The annual conference hosted by the Assurance SIG will answer these questions and more. The conference will provide delegates with the opportunity to hear from leading practitioners, in renowned organisations, to understand how they deliver project assurance in a practical way, and how they measure the effectiveness of their activities. Presenters will share the principles, best practices, and value of assurance within the project environment.

The conference provides the ideal forum for attendees to network in a common interest group to gain practical knowledge, insights and solutions. Delegates will also have the opportunity to discuss, challenge and influence future developments in the field of project assurance through a series of facilitated workshops. These workshops will cover a variety of topics including “future-proofing” of assurance activities, questioning “what makes a good assurance practitioner” and addressing stakeholder perception of assurance in the project arena (how exactly does it add value?).  

Joanne Bradshaw, Keynote speaker

Fraud, Error & Debt Programme Director & Head of the DWP Project Delivery Profession

Joanne is a Senior Civil Servant in the Department for Work & Pensions and is currently the Programme Director for the Fraud, Error & Debt (FED) Programme.

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Who should attend?

  • This year’s conference is suitable for mid to senior managers who can influence provision of Assurance on projects, or professionals who have responsibility for Assurance and want to improve effectiveness.
  • The day will also add value to those who have responsibility for Assurance but may not know the best way to approach implementation and design.
  • The conference also provides the opportunity to discuss the future direction of Project Assurance with fellow practitioners.
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