Andy Tims

Andy Tims is a member of the IPA Defence and International team, responsible for the assurance and support of a portfolio of programmes in the Ministry of Defence.
Andy joined the Inland Revenue in 1986 and was appointed as HM Inspector of Taxes in 1990. His majority of his early career was spent as a Tax Investigator or leader of investigation teams.

Since June 2000 Andy has held a series of Portfolio, Programme and Project leadership roles in HMRC and the Home Office. In his most recent programme role leading a programme recovery following a critical assurance review and later applying the recommendations of the review to a strategic re-assessment of the programmes business case and re-engage the stakeholder community.
In June 2014, following a serious illness Andy was seconded to the Home Office Transformation Directorate to lead a strategic review of the Home Office Investment Portfolio.
In March 15 Andy joined the IPA to work on the development of the Government Project Delivery Profession, in January 16 Andy joined the IPA defence team.

Andy became an IPA high risk review team member in 2010 and a high risk review team leader in 2012. Over the last 7 years leading independent assurance of major IT, Construction, Defence capability, Criminal Justice and Energy Sector programmes.

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