Cate Smith

Cate Smith is an independent assurance contractor, specialising in pro-active assurance. Not just undertaking the assurance of change activities, but working creatively with teams to develop their change capabilities to be more sustainable, cost effective and something they feel pride in.

After completing a post-graduate studies in 1997, Cate wondered what would be next. Always the opportunist, she ‘fell into’ a change role for a major vehicle hire company which at the time was juggling technical priorities between Y2K needs, Euro conversion and building its first ever web-enabled quote and buy site. After this exposure to a wide range of business and technical processes which were continuously refined and improved, she decided that ‘change’ could be a fascinating and challenging career. She has never looked back.
Subsequently, Cate has worked with a diverse groups of clients on an equally diverse number of projects, programmes and portfolios. From tiny software vendors to major international financial houses and public sector organisations, each with its own unique set of requirements, challenges and risks.

Cate is part of the APM Assurance SIG, and also a member of the Institute of Risk Management.

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