Dave Hammal

Dave Hammal works as a Risk specialist in the Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit within Oracle covering all aspects of risk and contingency planning within project and portfolio management. This involves working with customers to understand their risk management requirements in order to establish if Oracle’s Solutions may be of benefit. This is an EMEA role and across all industries but tends to be focussed on project intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Engineering & Construction, Aerospace & Defence etc.
Dave has been helping customers with project risk related issues since 2005. Prior to that having obtained a BEng Mechanical Engineering degree from UMIST, Manchester, UK he worked as a manufacturing engineer at Ford Motor Company. This involved working on the launches of new vehicles across Europe to ensure the plant and processes were ready for the build and being trained and working as a Six Sigma Black Belt.

Session title: Risk-Matrices – How to Overcome some of their Pitfalls and Practical Applications within Mega-Projects

Synopsis: Risk Matrices are probably the most commonly used tool in Risk Management, yet they have many challenges, including how to apply them practically within Mega-Projects. Mega-Projects are often broken down into a number of smaller projects of varying sizes. Having risk matrices that then work within both the smaller projects and still make sense for the Mega-Project can be a challenge.
There has also been much criticism of Risk Matrices in various articles (e.g. Cox 2005) yet their use remains widespread. In this session we will look at what some of the common pitfalls are, how you can look to avoid or limit these issues, together with applying them in a meaningful way within Mega-Projects.

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