Simon White

Simon White is a risk management consultant with over 20 years’ experience in helping organisations to understand and manage risk to their projects’ schedule and cost.
He has worked in a wide variety of industries and major projects, and spent two years as UK Risk Analyst for ConocoPhillips, before which he was Senior Consultant and trainer for Pertmaster, Primavera and Oracle.
Simon is recognised as one of the leading practitioners of risk management and analysis, and strives for clarity and pragmatism in his work. He uses methods that allow probabilistic models to be interrogated and understood by project teams and senior management, which helps ensure that risk assessments are reasonable representations of reality, and that they add value by setting and justifying reasonable expectation and positive management action.
Simon has also designed and built commercial risk software (including as a contributing architect to Primavera Risk Analysis / Pertmaster), and continues to develop tools for more practical valuable project and business risk management.

Session title: High-level risk assessment

Synopsis: When planning and managing a very large project, it’s important to keep things in perspective! This presentation is about the challenges of carrying out meaningful quantitative risk assessment (QRA) on very large projects.
In particular, Simon will contrast two alternative approaches: the “High-level” risk assessment (in the sense of keeping the costs, schedule and risks at an appropriately high level) versus a very detailed “Low-level” risk assessment. Simon will draw on wide and varied experiences of very large projects, and will make some stark admissions as to how his opinions have changed quite significantly over his career, particularly on how best to approach risk assessments of them.
The presentation will shed some light on some tricky and interesting topics such as correlation, schedule logic quality, and complexity.

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