Tenia Chatzinikoli

Tenia Chatzinikoli has more than 20 years’ experience in successfully developing, implementing and auditing risk management frameworks for high profile transportation infrastructure projects. She has excellent appreciation of best practice business and organisation management concepts, having operated at executive and board level, in multi stakeholder environments and, held leadership positions as a head of business units and professional teams. She specialises in programme and project risk management, quantified risk analysis, value and opportunity management and in risk based assurance and auditing in large and complex projects and programmes.
Tenia has delivered risk and value based services provided to a wide range of infrastructure clients, including Department for Transport, Transport for London, Network Rail, Qatar 22, Irish Rail, DLRL, BAA, Highways England and a number of private developers. Tenia has successfully supported clients and project organisations in delivering challenging targets and providing strategic risk management advice and implementation support and has built an outstanding reputation as an expert in her field.
After many years of consulting experience in the UK industry and services to projects around the world, Tenia is presently the Head of Project Risk Management for the Phase One of High Speed 2.

Session title: Governance in mega projects

Synopsis: The session will start with articulating the drivers and needs of projects and the integral role that appropriate governance platforms play in the successful project delivery; the focus will be firmly placed on mega projects to make the case for project governance.
We will aim to examine different examples of governance frameworks, their roles and suitability in relation to different project delivery environments and project ownership models and examine the individual and combined benefits of governance tools and structures.
Finally, comparisons between recent past and current mega projects will aim to offer practical insights and explore the implementation of universal governance principles and bespoke governance approaches and the relationship between governance and project success.

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