Val Jonas 

Val Jonas is a highly experienced risk management expert, with extensive experience of training, facilitating and implementing project, programme and strategic risk management systems for companies in a wide range of industries in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, USA, Canada and Australia.
With 29 years experience in risk management and analysis, working with large organisations, Val has a wealth of practical experience and vision on how organisations can improve project and business performance through their risk management strategic framework and good practice.
Val played a major part in the design and development of the leading Risk Management and Analysis software product Predict!. More recently, she has pioneered Governance and Risk Management Master Class sessions for senior management in industry and government.
Val has a joint honours BA in Mathematics and Computing from Oxford University.

Session title: Do mega-projects need mega-governance?

Synopsis: Governance is derived from the greek word ‘kubernáo meaning to steer. The more complex the project, the more uncertainty and risk there is, and the more it requires steering! So how can we best use governance to support the increasing number of complex projects?. How can we ensure governance delivers benefits and shrugs off the perception of being a red card to project progress?
What does good governance look like? Is it different for mega-projects? What role should stakeholders play? What skills do they need? What is the optimal level of involvement? How can they encourage more informed risk taking?
In this session, we will explore these questions and work together to gain a better understanding of the key ingredients required to deliver projects more successfully for the long term than the Victorians.

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