Mark Reeson 

International Strategic Project Management Advisor

A project manager of over thirty years who is currently developing PMOs in the Middle East with a focus around sustainability management. Previously from an Armed Forces background I have worked within Defence, Nuclear, Government and Hospitality whilst also assisting with the IOC in the Youth Olympic Games.

Session Title: SMART PMOs – Innovation Project Management for the Future

Synopsis: In an ever changing world where resources become more scarce and when time becomes our greatest asset, having a PMO that enhances not only how projects are run but the business as a whole will change the way that planning and control of project management will change forever.  

With the development of a new strategy towards coordination and planning, all businesses have the opportunity to develop this step programme which combines traditional project management skills with a new vision that increases accessibility of information, promotes mobility in the working environment based around a more sustainable outlook. 

The SMART PMO aligned with the four principles of innovation offers the chance to see what project management could look like in the future, changing the approach in a way that has never been seen on this scale before.

Prof. Mark Reeson will take you on the journey of discovery every step of the way, from the initial conceptual idea right through to the delivery of the award winning project’s preliminary roll out.  You will discover the challenges of changing such an environment and how the flexibility in leadership through all levels of the P3 Management system changed both his perspective and the perspective of the client and their team to create this new innovative view of project, programme and portfolio management.

Once you have seen this new approach and understand how it can change your view on project delivery, you will never look at PMOs in the same way again.

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