Robert Hobbs


Robert Hobbs is the CEO of NPHASE an Enterprise Performance Management consultancy and software house the he founded 26 years ago that specialises in PMO, risk and business performance.

Robert’s experience encompasses leading both large and small project delivery and supporting PMOs for organisations including the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Barclays Bank, Nat West, Shell, Texaco, Debenhams and over 100 public sector organisations including central and local government, the NHS, and emergency services.

In his personal life Robert was a qualified private pilot at 18, trained as a pilot with the RAF and his first business was a hang gliding school in South Wales. Today he is a father of three and maintaining his life-time passion for aviation, a qualified helicopter pilot.

Robert’s Workshop: Changing demands on the PMO: integrating project reporting with business data.

Customers are beginning to require from the PMO and Project Managers that project reporting information is integrated with operational business information for the benefit of the business managers and board directors.

In this presentation we will discuss and illustrate how we address the demands when PMO are being asked to support our customer’s project sponsors and operational managers better in terms of both simplifying the project initiation and management process, and creating more useful reporting throughout the project.

Examples of changed reporting demands include both continuous cost/benefit assessment and integration of project reporting with operational data. In both cases these are to enable business managers and directors to make better decisions based on the combined information about the current and planned progress and likely outcomes of Projects and Programmes on operational results and strategic change.


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