Samantha Blunt 

Head of PMO Samworth Brothers

Samantha Blunt is the Head of the Portfolio Management Office at Samworth Brothers; a group of food manufacturing companies spread across the UK.  Samantha has been working in the PMO industry or 10 years now and has been involved or overseen successful implementations of governance in the form of Project, Programme, and Portfolio Offices.

Samantha has long been a friend of the APM PMO SIG as her innovative approach to both the introduction, management, and measurement of PMOs helps her to lead the way with a collaborative style.

Session Title:
 PMOs and Prioritisation

Synopsis: During this session, Samantha will be focusing on one of the key functions of a PMO that you have told us is not only difficult to get ahead in, but at the same time is critical to your PMO success. Samantha has proven in her work that the step that is often missed in prioritising projects is often the definition of the work itself so during this session she will give you the theory and practicality of the process she has successfully embedded in organisations. 

“We focus so much on the financial return on investment (RoI) or strategic alignment that we miss some critical questions for effective project prioritisation”

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