Stephen Reeson

Lecturer in Games Design, Teesside University

Stephen Reeson is a recent graduate of Teesside University starting initially on the BA Games Design (with foundation year in art) course at the university in 2012 before continuing at the institute with his MA in Games Development in 2015 earning a distinction for his work on Gamification being used as a universal tool both in education as well as Industry.

Currently Stephen is a full time lecturer at the university teaching Games Design as well as Production and Project Management skills, this alongside his achievement of being the youngest fully trained project manager at the age of 15 helps him define and clearly identify links between his two key subject areas.

Session Title: Gamification: Creating engaging tools for multi-discipline purposes

Synopsis: Over the past decade great advancements have been made in the field of gamification and its legitimacy as a field of study, as well its implementation by several companies and institutions ranging in size from universities and schools all the way to vast corporations such as Nike and Starbucks.

However, the resistance to change both in terms of individuals and organisations towards gamification have had a negative impact limiting the full realisation and exploration of the field due to its legitimacy being brought into question with regards to it being a ‘buzzword’ with a lack of depth and tangible evidence to support its possible benefits.

This presentation examines the place of gamification in the current day and how it has developed to the state it is in and the possible directions it may lead in the future. 

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