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Assurance: The process of providing confidence to stakeholders that projects, programmes and portfolios will achieve their objectives for beneficial change.

Definition from APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition  📖


About this SIG

The Assurance SIG was launched in 2008 aiming to be the centre of excellence within APM for all issues connected with project and programme assurance. It works in several workstreams directed by its management team. 

These workstreams include the creation of a knowledge base; assurance definitions; interfaces and developing lasting relationships; project auditing; measures for assuring projects; and integrated assurance – developing and sharing best practice.


  • To become a national source of best practice in the provision of efficient and effective project and programme assurance.


  • Provide a forum for exchanging ideas, sharing good practice, and developing new approaches to providing assurance.
  • Develop standards and guidance on best practice assurance.
  • Promote use of best practice approaches to assurance.

Our current work-streams include:

  • Project auditing. Measures for assuring projects.
  • Integrated assurance.
  • Assurance of agile. People.
  • Value of assurance.
  • A flagship event for the Assurance SIG is the Annual Assurance Conference, usually held in November.

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Roy Millard: Chair
Gary Poole: Secretary
Mushtaq Ali: Committee member
Nigel Bennett: Committee member
Peter de HorseyCommittee member 
Julian HarrisCommittee member 
Dave Lovitt: Committee member



Jonathan Maxwell: Committee member
Charles MillsCommittee member 
Judd NortonCommittee member 
Pamela Stacey: Committee member

The committee have monthly virtual meetings. If you are interested in hearing more please contact us to get in touch.



Get involved in developing new approaches to providing assurance, sharing good practice and exchanging ideas

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Featured resources

Assurance assessment toolkit

The assurance assessment toolkit is intended as a reference for assurance practitioners to help provide a measure of their confidence in the potential for a project (or programme or portfolio) to succeed. While assisting assurance practitioners to be thorough when performing assurance, we rely on their professionalism to adapt this guide to the circumstances of the project to be assured.

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A Guide to project auditing

This guide is principally intended for use by project auditors in developing an audit approach to the review and assurance of projects. it is also intended to be of value to anyone involved in the management and administration of projects.

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Featured book - A guide to integrated assurance

A Guide to Integrated Assurance enables organisations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their assurance activities. It is aimed at project managers, sponsors (in particular, those responsible for designing and carrying out assurance activities) and stakeholders with an interest in the successful delivery of the projects, programmes or portfolios.

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The committee have regular virtual meetings. If you are interested in hearing more please contact us via email or complete the following form.

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