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Tuesday 8th July 2014
6:00pm Registration and refreshments
8:00pm Closure

Lend Lease, 20 Triton Street, London, NW1 3BF

Presented by
Portfolio Management SIG Committee
Up to 2 hours (find out more about CPD)
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Join us on 8th July 2014 for a workshop to develop the Portfolio Management SIG's strategic themes using the ideas generated at the March 2014 Portfolio Management and Benefits Management SIG Conference.

The Portfolio Management (PfM) SIG has, since its creation in the autumn of 2010, been gradually creating its own portfolio of information on PfM practice through the hosting of topic-based events, practitioner-focused surveys and culminating recently in the joint conference with the Benefits Management (BM) SIG on "creating and sustaining an environment for success".

In recent months the committee have developed an integrated SIG strategy with a view to exploiting the material available (including analysis of, and better access to, over 40 PfM-related presentations) and creating value-added information for the benefit of the SIG members and the wider community.

At the SIG AGM on 10th June, an overview of the SIG's strategic themes was presented, comprising:

  • Developing New Knowledge (creating source material based on "what works")
  • Disseminating Knowledge ( providing easy access to PfM Knowledge)
  • Closer working with the APM and other SIGs (collaboration with other SIGs and pan-APM initiatives)
  • Engaging with the CxO community (supporting APM research into this group, developing CxO specific material)
  • Engaging SIG membership (increasing the opportunities for participation in SIG activities)

The next stage is to use the material we have available to deliver these strategies.

The results from this process, which starts with the 8th July workshop, will include:

  • Guidance for practitioners, based on empirical evidence from experienced professionals.
  • Structured access to the SIG resource archive.
  • Specific topics to be addressed by guest speakers and internal experts at future SIG events.
  • Ideas for undertaking additional research.
  • Issues to be debated through blogs & forums.

It would be great if you could join us to help with this work. The newly-formed 2014-15 committee are holding a planning workshop on July 8th that is open to all SIG members. Several who attended the AGM have already volunteered to join us.

If you can't join us on July 8th but would like to participate, we want to hear from you – please let us know.

This is a great opportunity for you to help shape the SIG's future contribution to the world of portfolio management, as well as a way of enhancing your own expertise.

Stephen Parrett
Chair of APM Portfolio Management SIG

This event is aimed at professionals with all levels of experience

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5th 1.3 Portfolio management
6th 1.1.3 Portfolio management

APM and the Portfolio Management SIG would like to thank Lend Lease for hosting this event


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