Helen Garcia 

Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Director of Maykit Ltd

As a project practitioner with 10+ years of experience across a number of industries and sectors, reaching from rail, simulation, cloud platforms and pharmaceuticals, I have a deep understanding of project methodologies.  I am passionate about delivering change, striving to serve others by enabling recognition, inspection and adaptation as a team to drive organisational change. I strongly believe in guiding others and in doing so this motivates me.

My vision is to enable households and businesses to adopt an agile mindset, not through purists approaches but in reflection of what we have learnt and how we can use this to continuously evolve into better versions of ourselves, our teams and our organisations. 

Speaker Synopsis

Agile Reality 

We have already proved in this time of uncertainty that organisational changes are rife, car manufacturers almost overnight became ventilator manufacturers, design and testing within weeks, legislation being met and shipment made. When an Agile mindset is applied to projects we think differently, we collaborate differently and we achieve greater value "sooner, safer and happier" - Jon Smart.  

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