Jenny McLaughlin

Project Manager, Heathrow Airport

I’m Dyslexic and recently diagnosed with ADHD and believe that the way that my brain is wired differently is an asset. I have worked within the airport industry for over 18 years, first at East Midlands airport as an Environment and Safeguarding officer achieving ISO14001. I’ve spent the last 12 years at Heathrow in a number of departments including Environment, Airside and now Infrastructure as a project manager. I have delivered a number of business changes, from new aircraft de-icing process, introducing new IT applications, to building a remote coaching gate in the middle of a live terminal. I am also the Lead for Heathrow’s Disability Network and bring that to my work as a project manager, advocating that each person should have an equitable seat at the table and creating a safe environment to challenge and improve the way we interreact and build the world around us.

Speaker synopsis

Projects have the power to be inclusive or to create barriers. Understanding that each of us as project managers can be a catalyst for change, ensuring that diversity is not only about who is in your project team, but in the thinking behind the design and implementation, is crucial. In her presentation Jenny will talk about Heathrow’s pilot project that aims to look at CDM 2015 through a diversity lens. Jenny says “We ensure that consideration of safety in the build, maintenance and use of infrastructure means we do not design in barriers, we instead seek to create infrastructure that is truly accessible at all stages of the project lifecycle.”

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