Kay Sanders

CEO, CITI Limited

Kalpna (Kay) Sanders, is CITI Limited’s CEO, a highly experienced consultant specialising in bringing together the behavioural, technical and commercial elements of project and programme management, organisational and cultural change. Kay has an outstanding reputation within the learning and development community with over 20 years’ experience working with organisations and their leaders to support the complexity of balancing behavioural risk, change and capability development,

Kay brings a wealth of global experience and understanding of how organisations operate, sub-cultural differences within companies and how to adapt to changing demands. Socially conscious projects, sustainability and diversity make CITI a DDO (Deliberately Developmental Organisation) under Kay’s lead.

As an Occupational Psychologist, Kay understands the strength of fusing PPM and Change with commercially savvy leadership who make safe business and project decisions to achieve organisational strategic goals. Kay hosted the Women in Engineering Society Centenary Year Celebration in 2019 at Sellafield, frequently hosts the CITI Centres of Excellence Clubs (CofEe Clubs) and has spoken at various conferences over the years.

Speaker Synopsis

Diversity of thought in project teams 

In this thought provoking session, Kay will explore how people think, behave and interact with their wider world using diversity theories and frameworks that help understand the shaping of thought and behaviour.   

This reflective session will enable participants to explore their own thought narrative, belief systems and behaviours – “what makes me think this way?” 

This is an opportunity to question, challenge and develop personal thinking through exploring how the conscious and subconscious mind works; we focus on change, empowerment through understanding difference and finally, selection and management of diverse teams to ensure project success.   

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