Patricia Schwerzel

Account leader global health, Mott Macdonald

Patricia is an experienced global health expert with 30 years’ experience of working in the public, private and non-for-profit sectors and lived 22 years in East Africa. From 1987 onwards, she worked as a Team Leader in public health and HIV/AIDS in Kenya and Uganda. Her professional focus then broadened to working as a senior health consultant on more than 100 technical missions across Africa, with a focus on health sector support, strategic reviews and design, institutional and organisational development, capacity building, transition processes (between public and private providers) and resource mobilisation across a wide range of donors. In recent years, she has focussed on sustained management of health and education projects for marginalised populations especially in post conflict and fragile states (Sudan, South Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia).

Patricia has worked as technical expert with development partners such as DFID, EU, WB, DGIS, DANIDA, SIDA, CIDA, NORAD, SDC, AUSAID, WHO, WFP, UNICEF, UNFPA NUFFIC and private Faith Based Institutions (Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Austria)

In 2011, Patricia joined Mott MacDonald and developed a core expertise in management of complex multiple donor funded projects in predominantly fragile settings. Her management expertise includes comprehensive project management and business development expertise.

Speaker Synopsis

Patricia will talk about her experiences working on projects in fragile environments (such as developing communities and countries), particularly during the Covid-19 outbreak. She will discuss what challenges she faced and what she learned about adaptability and thinking differently to make sure the project benefits were delivered. Patricia will also include a case study of her current project, SHINE Supply, part of the UK aid funded Somali health and Nutrition programme.

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