Paul Avins

CEO – head of team transformation, Team Dynamics Global

Paul Avins is an award winning business coach who is known as one of the most sought after team building experts in the UK today. He is also the founder of and the Co Founder of the Team Profiling Tool Contribution Compass.

With an impressive 17 year track record of helping companies manage growth projects to generate hundreds of millions of pounds in additional sales and profits.

Paul loves to share how managers and leaders can tap into the various contributions different profiles types can make from their whole team to bring about successful results and maximise their returns for their company and clients.

Speaker synopsis

How to Tap into Team Diversity to Deliver Successful Projects

In this fast paced and content packed presentation award winning coach Paul Avins will share with you how to identify the 8 different contributions different team members can make. When you need to tap into each of their skills and how missing one of the four team dynamic energies can lead to project failure!

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