Sophie Coulthard

Principal consultant, Judgement Index

Sophie works with organisations to support the selection, development and wellbeing of staff using the Judgement Index assessment. She is passionate about improving culture and creating positive working environments that support individuals and teams to thrive.

She has led research with projects organisations using the Judgement Index to look at the value-based behaviours of the participants and has worked with other sectors such as social care, professional sport and hospitality.

Sophie began to focus on wellbeing after seeing the impact it had on performance in the people she was working with. She now speaks regularly on developing workplace wellbeing and culture and shares research, as well as her own tips for improving personal wellbeing for better success in work and life.

Speaker synopsis

How wellbeing is the key to unlocking performance

In this talk, Sophie will share the four key drivers of wellbeing in the workplace and demonstrate, using case studies, how companies can improve staff wellbeing without a large budget or resources.

She will also share key findings from the research of project managers conducted by Judgement Index and highlight the common wellbeing issues found, and compare these to wellbeing issues seen in the wider corporate world.

You will be able to reflect on your own wellbeing strengths and potential development areas and consider how they affect your performance. Sophie will take you through a practical model that you can leave with that will help you to reflect on your own wellbeing in day to day life.

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