THINK DIFFERENTLY: redefining diversity in projects

APM’s virtual event Think Differently: redefining diversity in projects has now concluded. Thank you to those who joined us live, our excellent speakers for their incredibly insightful sessions, and our headline sponsors, Fujitsu, for their support of this event.

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Key takeaways


  • Organisations are the sum of the individuals that work there – we all have a role in Diversity and Inclusion.
  • It is possible for a small team to make a difference and drive change, but be prepared for it to take time.
  • Relationships in business are key - get the right conditions in place to maximise your influence.

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  • The most powerful argument for having diverse teams is that it represents a cross section of society.
  • Diverse teams are ‘antifragile’ meaning they become stronger as a result of challenge.
  • We need to make time to reflect and be ‘conscious of our unconscious bias’
  • Get to know your team members’ balance of natural energies and give them roles that play to their strengths.

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  • Could milestones actually result in projects taking longer and costing more than they should do?
  • Diversity is not only about who is in your project team, but also in the thinking behind the design and implementation.
  • Agile is about responding to change and not be fixed on plans that may have been put in place.

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Women in project management

  • Believe in your own ability, and when making career choices, trust your instincts
  • Switch negative messages to something you wish you had heard and use that to influence your response
  • A growth mindset embraces a new way of thinking and embracing new efforts and attitudes can change your abilities
  • To improve your mindset, engage! Speak to others, their concerns and ideas can help you shift your mindset much more positively
  • You’re the star of your career journey and it’s up to you to choose your own adventure!

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You can access the sessions from the programme below plus access all related resources. 

Note: As these sessions are recorded from 21-25 September, please be aware that any networking, polls, questions are not being monitored.

Debbie Dore CEO APM
Scene setting

🕑 10 mins

Pete Cohen Expert in human behaviour and performance

The ultimate Brain warm up: The new revolution in thinking

🕑 60 mins

Nichola Clark NWE Head of Project and Programme Services and Global P&PS Community Lead, Fujitsu
Creating a safe space to be our very best

🕑 42 mins

Kicki Frisch Agile development manager at Arup
Shaping a better world - one team, one year challenging unconscious bias

🕑 39 mins

Adrian Green Founder and Managing Director of pressurepoint GB
How PMs can affect the thinking of organisations effectively

🕑 48 mins

Kay Sanders CEO CITI Limited
 Diversity of thought in project teams 

🕑 41 mins

Sophie Coulthard Principal consultant, Judgement Index
How wellbeing is the key to unlocking performance

🕑 41 mins

Elizabeth Harrin Director, Otobos Consultants Ltd
Think differently about stakeholder engagement: Five skills to boost your relationships at work

🕑 39 mins

Paul Avins CEO-head of team transformation, Team Dynamics Global
How to tap into team diversity to deliver successful projects

 🕑 43 mins


Patricia Schwerzel Account leader global health, Mott MacDonald
 Adaptable management during COVID-19 in fragile settings

🕑 43 mins

Ian Heptinstall Lecturer in project management, University of Birmingham
John Dyson Professor human enterprise, University of Birmingham
 Do projects need sponsors?…and other questions

🕑 45 mins

Jenny McLaughlin Project manager, Heathrow Airport
Systematic inclusion - design no barriers 

🕑 43 mins

Helen Garcia Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Director of Maykit Ltd
Agile reality

🕑 42 mins

Amy Morley PMO director, Hs2
Getting into Chartership

🕑 44 mins

Lisa Street Associate Director, Infrastructure Katie Harrison Senior project manager Louise Benwell Associate Director and Harriet Clark Assistant Project Manager, Turner and Townsend
How to approach your career with a growth mindset

🕑 56 mins

Alix Craig Project manager, Everton Football Club
From Spreadsheets to Building Sites: My Story So Far

🕑 38 mins

Anita Phagura Fierce project manager, Fierce Project Management
Embracing the misfit to make a difference: How we can switch the message to create cultures of belonging 

🕑 44 mins

Crystal Richards Principal and owner, Mosaic Resource Group
Choose your own adventure: You're the star of your career journey

🕑 55 mins


Dee Tamlin Head of client and legal project management, Pincent Masons 
Summary session day 1: Organisations

🕑 14 mins

Christina Brooks Co-Founder and CEO, Ruebik
Summary session day 2: People

🕑 25 mins

Ewelina Kruk Capital programme manager
Summary session day 3: Projects

🕑 26 mins

Briony Bragg Sub project manager, Sellafield Ltd
Summary session day 4: Women in Project Management

🕑 29 mins


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