James Lea

Project and Programme Manager

James Lea is a consulting project and programme manager with an unusual background: he has a severe hearing impairment bordering on a profound loss. 
Throughout life James has overcome the challenges of disability, preferring instead to think of himself as 'differently able'.  Adopting an anti-fragile approach (thriving on adversity), he draws strength from a diverse perspective on working life. 
James' thinking is based upon the intersection of culture, teams, projects, science and lean engineering.  He has published articles on a range of topics, including data-driven project management, applied AI, project physics, and language in projects.  He has presented widely to APM chapters and professional groups.  In James' view "there is always a better way". 

This talk is a part of that conversation: to help us all think differently so we can access the benefits a diverse team brings. 


Speaker synopsis

How a diverse project team can bring extra benefits (and how to get them) 

Are you getting the best out of your team?  Are you recognising and benefiting from diversity? 
Starting with a personal story and a thought-provoking demonstration, James will show how, with insight and empathy you can benefit enormously from diversity in your teams.  We all have a story to share, and diverse stories need us to give them a stage. 

In this highly interactive session we will explore how to recognise and maximise the benefits of diversity in our teams.  By equipping ourselves with a diversity-aware mindset, we can make our projects more successful. 

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