APM Virtual Volunteers’ Forum

The APM Virtual Volunteers’ Forum will be held on Wednesday 7 July 2021 until Thursday 8 July 2021.

The forum will open with a welcome and an update from our APM Chair and APM Director of Education & Lifelong Learning.

For the first time, one of our sessions will be open to those who are not yet APM volunteers.

We will also be extending the end of each session to allow for open networking.

There will also be an update on the APM strategy refresh.

For your information, you can see the full programme below.

Caspar Bartington, APM Head of Volunteer and Education Engagement

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PROGRAMME Day 1 - 7 July 2021


Welcome Address and APM updateDebbie Lewis, APM Chair and Jackie Martin, APM Director of Education & Lifelong Learning

To open the forum, our APM Chair and APM Director of Education & Lifelong Learning will provide an APM update on key events and priorities in 2021/22.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A at the end of the update.


Volunteering Opportunities with APM - Hosted by Daniel Pollitt, APM Volunteer Steering Group (VSG) Member

This session will include an insight from APM volunteers outlining their achievements, aims and role.

APM Education - Daniel Odediran
APM Specific Interest Group (SIG) - Teri Okoro, APM People SIG
APM Research - Daniel Nicholls
APM Membership Standard (Fellow Panel Member) - Kellie Walsh

APM Branches - Daniela Pinto, APM Volunteer of the Year

You will have the opportunity to ask questions to gain additional information.

This session is open to those who are not yet APM volunteers.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Update - Scott Walkinshaw, APM Head of Knowledge

In this session, Scott will give an overview of the recent updates to APM’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme and what members can expect from the new ‘My CPD’ area on the APM website.

He will cover how the latest L&D thinking has helped to inform these updates, and outline the ways in which APM is committed to supporting members in finding the right content for their development needs, providing a wide range of resources and activities, and improving the overall experience when it comes to planning, tracking and reviewing CPD.

PROGRAMME Day 2 - 8 July 2021


APM Research – Daniel Nicholls, APM Research Manager and Dr Christine Unterhitzenberger, APM Research Advisory Group Chair

In this session Daniel and Christine will provide an overview of APM’s research programme, its current activity as well as exploring how you can get involved whilst answering any questions you may have.

Christine will also talk about the importance of volunteering and the research volunteering opportunities available where she is currently APM’s Research Advisory Group (RAG) Chair and a member of the Festival of Education & Research Awards Steering Group amongst other involvements.


APM Volunteer Collaboration - Hosted by Caspar Bartington, APM Head of Volunteer & Education Engagement

This session will include an insight from APM volunteers working collaboratively across stakeholder groups.

Estelle Detrembleur - APM Risk SIG Conference with Institute of Risk Management (IRM)
Andrew Baber - APM Midlands Branch and Regional Universities
Andrew Wright - APM Systems Thinking SIG and Universities

You will have the opportunity to ask questions to gain additional information.


Capturing your views on strategic themesDebbie Lewis, APM Chair

Following a comprehensive discovery activity, a range of themes for consideration in APM's strategy refresh activity arose and in this session Debbie would like to get your views on three of them.

These are:

  • Being an adaptive project professional
  • Skills for the project professional in 2021 and beyond
  • APM delivering value for all types and stages of career

You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

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