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Posted by Tom Taylor on 16th September 2014
Do we learn most from satisfying “ups” or challenging “downs”? Should there be an up/down PM competency? If your project is an elevator / lift who is pressing the buttons?
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Posted by Stephen John Woodward on 11th September 2014
Today we operate in a faster environment where there is an ever-greater pressure on time, cost and quality. These are challenging times for the human resources delivering the product or service and in making remuneration balance cost expended to give a reasonable margin. It is little wonder that the value of the risk workshop has become debased.
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Posted by Andrew Gray on 9th September 2014
Even a good programme team can become confused at times about the roles and influences of stakeholders, especially when focusing on ‘satisfying your customer’. But who exactly is your customer?
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Posted by Ann Pilkington on 4th September 2014
Reading about change communication frustrates me. Advice is either reduced to a set of vague bullet points – those “listicles” that have become a mainstay of social media – or made to sound so complicated only someone with a PhD could possibly know the right thing to do.
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