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Posted by Darren Dalcher on 30th October 2014
Making good and informed decisions is increasingly recognised as a key competence that both defines and underpins many aspects of modern management and leadership. Indeed many researchers have concluded that management and leadership are fundamentally about making good decisions.
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Posted by Sereina Fielder on 28th October 2014
With the APM Awards about to take place I wonder how much customer satisfaction plays a role in the selection of the winners. Ultimately, however much you follow process, governance and good practice, the deciding vote comes at the end of the project when the client provides the close out survey of how the project went.
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Posted by Adrian Pyne on 23rd October 2014
Good project professionals are agile by their very nature and behaviours. They are output/customer focussed, flexible, self-organising, they embrace change.
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Posted by John Chapman on 21st October 2014
It will deliver a fundamental change in power, in the organisational structure and bring in a cultural transformation. There will be material changes to the way we work, the way we think and how we operate.
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