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Posted by Irene Swarbrick on 15th April 2014
When it comes to leadership development, no matter how well designed, we know that effective development for women needs to consider the issue of 'power relations', complicated by 'gender relations'.
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Posted by Lori Ellsworth on 10th April 2014
I am amazed at how many companies are still managing projects using spreadsheets. The fact is, when managing multiple projects; with a range of different consultants; across different geographies; using spreadsheets is a recipe for disaster. They are instantly out of date, create administration headaches, and are often littered with errors and inaccuracies; in the complex world of project portfolio management (PPM), this is simply unacceptable.
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Posted by Scott Walkinshaw on 9th April 2014
The APM Project Management Awards is once again open for entries. So, get recognised by your fellow professionals, give your business or career a big boost and join the select few who have had the unique buzz of hearing their name or project read out in front of 500 professionals at an awards dinner with all the razzmatazz of The Oscars.
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Posted by Sharon De Mascia on 4th April 2014
Projects are carried out by people and have an impact on people, so it is no surprise then that a number of the success factors for projects are around managing people and relationships. The way, in which we interact with others, build relationships etc tends to be personality related and therefore genetically determined to some extent.
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