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Posted by Adrian Pyne on 2nd September 2014
Do you remember playing with shape puzzles as a child? Trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? We are that child. Projects are the square pegs in organisational round holes.
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Posted by matthew poole on 28th August 2014
What we wanted was a highly effective, all-encompassing tool that delivered cost savings in terms of project management effort and improved customer service. What we needed was a ‘Project Journal’ – a collection of logs and registers in one Excel workbook.
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Posted by Mark Phillips on 27th August 2014
I believe we can go further to improve project performance by putting communication design, and people, first. Tools and techniques are all communication design decisions. Accounting for communication design when implementing tools and techniques can enhance the probability of successful project outcomes.
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Posted by Mike Clayton on 21st August 2014
If you are a project manager who sticks rigidly to the practice you learned many years ago, then you won’t be at the top of your game for long.
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