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Posted by James Dale on 24th April 2014
For as long as I can remember the reported failure rate for programmes and projects has been stuck at the seventy per cent level
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Posted by Ann Pilkington on 22nd April 2014
Everyone would agree that getting the communication right is one of the keys to project success. I wonder if everyone would also agree that communication is a specialist skill and as such should be the role of a professional communicator.
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Posted by Robert Blakemore on 17th April 2014
How much does the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) really know about what project managers actually do, and the support that they need, to ensure that the business benefits of the project will actually be delivered?
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Posted by Irene Swarbrick on 15th April 2014
When it comes to leadership development, no matter how well designed, we know that effective development for women needs to consider the issue of 'power relations', complicated by 'gender relations'.
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