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Posted by Mike Clayton on 25th November 2014
I guess some of my readers are thinking that this is like asking why day follows night, but recent research is digging deeper into the underlying causes.
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Posted by Sheilina Somani on 24th November 2014
Diversity of people and perspective is what brings value to a team approach, combined with mutual respect and appreciation to encourage dialogue and to achieve success.
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Posted by Sally Percy on 24th November 2014
Are you a project manager or are you an entrepreneur? The chances are that’s a question that you haven’t asked yourself until this moment. But it is a question that you should be asking yourself, according to Vince Hines, managing director of APM’s career development partner, Wellingtone Project Management.
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Posted by Colin Paul Parker on 19th November 2014
People are flesh and blood. They are not pawns on a chessboard or, even worse, some sort of mechanical work machine!
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