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Posted by Martin Samphire on 24th July 2014
The failure rate of projects, and reasons that they fail, are little different now to 30 years ago - we don’t seem to learn from the lessons of past projects.
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Posted by Rachel Forster on 22nd July 2014
Mapping stakeholders has long been a subjective task, but the most widely used power/influence grid has taken precedence for at least two decades, often pigeon holing stakeholders as high priority or low priority for an extended period, regardless of context.
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Posted by Mike Clayton on 17th July 2014
Have you noticed how some people are extremely good at influencing others? Whether through personal charisma, perceived wisdom, or deep technical expertise, others look to them for advice and opinions. Consequently, these stakeholders have become used to weighing the evidence for themselves; they are not easily influenced by others. I call them Apex Stakeholders because they sit at the top of a branching network of social influence.
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Posted by Caroline Ginnane on 15th July 2014
Project managers tend to be thinking so far ahead that when one goal is achieved or one crucial deadline is met, they simply put their heads down and focus on the next one. There’s rarely a team celebration until the project has reached its complete conclusion and its impacts have been positively assessed.
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