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Posted by Quinton Maloney on 28th January 2015
The government wants all publicly procured construction projects with a value greater than £5m to use Level 2 building information modelling (BIM) by 2016. It is likely to be widely adopted in the private sector, too.
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Posted by Brenda Hales on 27th January 2015
Becoming a leader is about looking in the mirror. It’s about listening to painful home truths. It’s about changing your behaviour to become the leader others choose to follow. And it’s not vain self-indulgence to focus on yourself. Your leadership is vital to creating the ‘people-intelligent’ project environments we need to deliver complex projects successfully.
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Posted by Guillaume Garcin on 22nd January 2015
Standardisation is a real problem in project organisations; software is a valuable tool in helping to alleviate this particular pain point; technology needn’t cost the earth and needn’t be a mystery. It’s a help not a burden to the project manager.
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Posted by Martin Price on 21st January 2015
Managing a project can feel like riding a roller-coaster as it responds to unpredictable circumstances and goals.
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