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Posted by Colin Paul Parker on 19th November 2014
People are flesh and blood. They are not pawns on a chessboard or, even worse, some sort of mechanical work machine!
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Posted by Vince Hines on 11th November 2014
There is a definite gap between those who are using the word agile and those who actually understand the agile project management methodology. Agile is often used as an excuse to not write any project documentation, to work chaotically, to be unorganised!
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Posted by Adrian Dooley on 7th November 2014
My plea to the evangelistic arm of the agile fraternity would be “curb your enthusiasm”. Seek to integrate the ideas of agile with everything that already works, present it as another string to the project manager’s bow and not something that will sweep all before it in a grand revolution. That’s the secret to embedding all that is good about agile in the professional culture of project management.
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Posted by Brian Wernham on 5th November 2014
Top management are eager to understand the successes they see in agile innovation of the post-internet boom.
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