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Latest blogs

Lucinda Finney
  • Inspirational leadership
  • Date:15 February 2018
  • Having suffered in many projects in my lifetime at the end of poor and lacklustre leadership, I have now developed a passion for ‘Inspirational Leadership’. What is it and how can inspirational leadership help you be a better project manager?
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Piney Crispin
  • Benefits Maps – Painting by numbers
  • Date:13 February 2018
  • ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. But words and pictures are not sufficient if you want to be sure your programme will succeed. You need to quantify if you hope to fructify.
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  • The BBC or The Clash?
  • Date:8 February 2018
  • In defining our communication strategy we need to consider not just what we wish to communicate and why, but the different age groups, backgrounds, opinions, likes and dislikes of those it is we wish to communicate with.
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